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04 November 2009 @ 06:28 pm
What's In Venezuela? Foooooood....  
Even if I am pretty much stuck in the hotel or the office of $customer for security reasons, I have gotten to go out and eat a couple of lunches with traditional food.

And boy, has it been good.

Yesterday was MEAT, a steak the size of my head and a flattened chorizo-like sausage that was only the size of a cucumber. It was served with a roasted green pepper that was muy bueno, along with some vegetables that I requested so as not to go into cholesterol shock.

As penance, last night I worked out for an extra half hour and then ate vegetables for dinner.

Today was a meal that is usually considered the traditional Christams dinner:

Hallaca, very much like a tamale but not at all like one. The filling is a couple of orders of magnitude beyond a typical tamale, containing pork, beef, raisins, whole olives, and capers. It is then wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed in a banana leaf. Oh, my, yes, yum.

Arepas, kind of a poofy soft corn tortilla. I had them plain for lunch but intend to have some filled ones in the hotel restaurant in just a little while. Drool.

Pan du Jamon, basically "ham bread", but more like a flatbread with ham, bacon, olives (no pits this time), and stuff rolled in it and cut. Being as I could be a piggytarian without much effort, it definitely hit the spot.

It goes without saying I paid my toll on the treadmill and the weight machines again when I got back to the hotel. Since I skipped breakfast today, I may be able to come out even. Or not.

And when I get home, I have heard rumors of a Venezuelan restaurant on the west side of Indianapolis near the world food market. Nom nom nom nom nom.
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