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04 March 2004 @ 11:54 am
At the Junction ...  
The "quick audition" went pretty well last night, though between the time we had arranged to come in and last night they found someone to do the fill-ins for St. Patrick's Day. Not completely confirmed - they'll let us know by tomorrow - but not a problem anyway, as Limerick is quite a ways away from home and is the most zoo-like of the Atlanta Irish pubs. I like doing pub sing but the places that have de rigeur Audience Participations tend to make even me a bit leery. There's only so many times you can sing "Who the f**k is Alice" (which seems to be the latest non-Irish Irish bar tradition) without going off your nut.

No matter what happens they seemed to be happy with our ability and will be getting in touch after St. Patrick's day to set up some gigs. Their Sunday and Monday nights are not billed as sing-alongs, so maybe we can get in on those, I don't know.

I'll do some prodding around this side of town and see if there are any other places looking for acts for the evening. If not, we may just take the evening and go enjoy ourselves after playing for the lunch crowd. The usual irony is that we don't drink much if at all (perhaps a dash of whiskey in the big glass of water just for phlegm cutting medicinal purposes) while we're playing, so our St. Patrick's Day ends up being relatively dry. If we're not playing, there's no need for such restraint. What a thought - drinking on St. Patrick's Day!
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