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25 August 2008 @ 10:18 am
Another Incorrect Political Rant  
Regarding Doctors' Abortion Choices and the reaction of some.

1) It always amazes me that so many people can credit one reason and one reason only for an anti-abortion stand - a deep-seated hate of women.

Clearly, there's no way anyone should be allowed to believe that life begins at conception. Since there's no way to prove it, it must be false. Since it is thusly false, anyone who professes to it is lying or deluded (especially women. Women who are strong and independent and can think for themselves except if they believe this and therefore have been deluded or browbeaten or otherwise forced to act against their own best interests.)

2) In this particular debate, it amazes me that people think it is clearly in the interests of society to force a political belief down doctors' throats. The crowd wanting to do so didn't find this acceptable when it was doctors believing abortion was right even though it was not legal, nor was it acceptable when it was doctors believing in assisted suicide, but it is certainly acceptable in this case.

Even more appalling in my mind is to say to a doctor, "well, if you got into OB/GYN because you love babies, you have to kill them or move on to something else. You don't define 'do no harm', We do."

There are so many things I can say about each of these points, but I just don't have the time to do so. At the bottom here is that there IS a real shortage of doctors with the skill necessary to provide safe abortions in many parts of the country. Some of them aren't willing to do so due to their personal beliefs. The solution is NOT to force them to go against their beliefs, it is to make sure there are plenty of doctors willing to provide those services. Something tells me that in the long run it would be cheaper to find a way to do that than to run a huge controversial campaign to convince those doctors that their personal beliefs are trivial or to otherwise legalize them out of existence.

Government forcing belief. It may not seem to be religion because it's so humanistically right, but it isn't that far from it. And the reverse is not the case here - no one is telling the doctors who believe in abortion that they can't perform them.

For the record, I do not believe life begins at conception. I do believe that abortion should remain a safe and legal right for all women. However, I also believe that regulation does not invalidate a right (that applies to both abortion and guns).

I also do not believe that those who think life begins at conception and are trying to stop abortion are evil and morally corrupt. I think they are incorrect, but I don't think their questions are beyond debate. After all, a mere 200 years ago only a minority believed those of darker skin were human. Every abortion supporter should constantly ask themselves the question, "What if we're wrong?"

I'm tired of campaigns for rights that seek to do so on the back of denying other rights. I am especially tired of them when other avenues exist that could resolve problems without resort to such high-and-mighty self opinions on both sides. I am monumentally tired of the pat, simple answer that there must be hate involved because someone doesn't agree with the "correct" position.

Comments disallowed since I'm getting it off my chest, not inviting debate that I don't have time for.
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