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19 August 2008 @ 01:35 pm
Another Weekend Down  
Actually, two of them since the last post...

Took J to the State Fair Saturday 10th inst. Sweet corn, hot dogs, elephant ears, and taffy were consumed; swine (including the Big Pig and the Big Litter), poultry, beef cattle, and sheep were observed; draft horses were cheered as they pulled heavy weights.

That Sunday was spent shucking and freezing 120 ears of corn with the able help of kestrels_nest, wick_deer, and their son J. Much burger and roasted sweet corn consumed, much swimming was done at the town pool-no-really-a-water-park by the two J's.

During the week before GenCon, ladyat took J to the Indiana State Museum IMAX to see the 3D Fly Me to the Moon, which they both very much enjoyed.

Wednesday quadrivium et alia arrived for their GenCon stay.

Thursday was much walking about the Indiana Convention Center. J participated in his first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, placing 5th of 11. The long day was followed by a steak dinner that couldn't be beat.

Friday was more walking about and abuse of credit and/or debit cards ("Ah HA! It's a +10 Visa of Melt Resistance!"). J came in 4th of 12 in the day's tournament, then was a HUGE help keeping harperjen's daughter M entertained during the evening. quadrivium's husband laid on a spread for dinner. We added ribs, chicken, and corn, plus contributions of salads and drinks and desserts from min0taur, Sally WINOLJ, tollers, and the aforementioned harperjen. In spite of gluttony-induced stupor, we managed a quite reasonable music session afterward.

Saturday was ... yeah, more walking. J got 8th out of 20 this time. I signed quadrivium and group and myself up for the "Tower of Gygax" tribute dungeon crawl, which turned out to be run by Tim Kask (editor of the original supplements for Original D&D). What a ball to play "Old School" once again. quadrivium's husband got a coveted black "I Died" ribbon for his heroic efforts, the rest of us just sort of died by default when we ran out of time. We were much mollified by the fact that we each got a signed and numbered version of the module.

Oh, and Saturday night was a fantastic concert by Jennie DeVoe on the Danville Town Square, replete with Good Beer.

Sunday would have been for collapsing, but I was scheduled to leads the annual Ingathering service at the UU church and therefore had to get up, finish typing my notes, and head off. The service went well, aided in fine fashion by J helping the kids to sing ladyat's Water and Stones song. That evening we hosted a co-worker who was in town for GenCon, munching on leftover ribs and chicken and slaw and and and ...

So, Monday (yesterday) would have been for collapsing, except for work and that one of the Things On J's List was to see a baseball game. The Indianapolis AAA team only had 2 home games before J has to fly home, last night and the night before he leaves. In order to keep ourselves open for last-minute activities, we chose the game last night (the fact that they were playing the Durham Buills and that it was $1 hot dog / popcorn / Cracker Jack / peanuts night had nothing to do with it, really.) Note that Victory Field is a beautiful little ballpark. Also note that, unlike some Major League venues we can name, they serve a proper craft beer specifically brewed for the ballpark, a rather tasty amber.

The game itself was about the best it could be for J's first experience. He caught on to keeping the scorecard easily, though he chose not to keep track of the visiting team by the 6th inning in order to be able to take in everything else around. The Indians were down two going into the bottom of the 8th, we put our rally caps on and got them up by one before being retired. The Bulls struck to tie it in the top of the ninth. In the bottom of the ninth, Indy put two men on base with hits, and a sacrifice fly scored the winning run. J almost literally bounced to the exit, then spent the trip home trying to get his head around the differences between a cricket ball and the souvenir baseball he got at the gift shop.

Today? Well, today we collapse ... except that we're joyfully hosting a couple more folks on their drive back from WorldCon...
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