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16 January 2008 @ 08:57 am
An Observation That Will Get Me Villified  
I see a lot of people guffawing/screaming/crying over Mike Huckabee wanting to amend the constitution to be more in line with the Bible.

You (and I) may disagree with the amendments he wants to make, but where the ideas for those amendments come from is irrelevant.

To once again label someone religious as stupid or pathetic because their ideas are based on their religious beliefs is not only unfair, it is dangerous. We can't afford to underestimate someone because we find their faith doesn't match our own.

To claim that this is forcing Christian belief down the throats of the country is railing against a label. To a certain extent, every law passed is forcing the beliefs of the majority down the throats of the minority. Whether that law comes from the Bible or Uncle Fred's Diary of Aphorisms doesn't matter.

We all base our positions on personal moral or even religious belief, though we may not define them in stark black-and-white terms. While I am one of the first to deny the US is a "Christian" country, it is impossible to read the letters and notes of the framers of the Constitution and believe that the Bible (along with other sources) was not used as the foundation of many of the laws of the US.

Get over your morally superior selves. You're not better just because your views come from Philosophy 101 instead of Sunday School.

Fight the issues on their own merits (or lack thereof). To fool yourself that the source somehow makes them automatically less valid makes you no better than you think "they" are.
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