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16 February 2004 @ 05:15 pm
Back from Boskone  
Which scans to ... no, I won't even think it.

We had a very good time at Boskone. Unfortunately, a few communication glitches kept us from spending time with some of the folks what brung us there, but once the con started we were out and about with the convention membership, which is where we were s'posed to be.

A complete con report is difficult, as my brain tends not to record interesting details, but here are some of the memory-joggers:

  • wasabi peanuts. Mmmmmmmm.
  • the "Summer Shack" seafood and California Beach decor.
  • attending panels as part of the audience ... this is very unusual for me, as I usually prefer to socialize, but there were a number of very interesting panels (over and above our panels, which were interesting by definition, of course). Examples:

    • Paleofilk (with Lee and Barry Gold as well as Karen Anderson, whom I had never met in person before) gave me a greater appreciation for a body of work that existed prior to the 70s and the people who were responsible for it. We stand on the shoulders of giants.
    • Music in Fiction - I only got to catch the last half of this, and while I was a bit disappointed it spent so much time focusing on using existing music fragments and inspirations, it was still an interesting discussion.

  • many East Coast filkers I hadn't seen in a long time (probably since we were at ConCertino!) and many more I met for the first time.
  • finishing our concert Saturday with fingers literally bleeding on the strings (having stripped a nail on my right index finger, ow!)
  • an excellent experience leading our Performance workshop after the concert (we later heard there were suggestions to the Noreascon folks that we run it at Worldcon, which would be fun)
  • the Conrunner's Nightmares panel was a real treat. Hard to match the story of the hotel actually burning down just before the con, but we tried ...
  • playing background music in the Art Show Saturday evening (where I developed a blister on my second finger while compensating for the bleeding index finger. More ow!)
  • stuffing ourselves at the Marché next to the hotel - the first one in the USA
  • unexpectedly running into Nat and Robin, some old friends who had moved back to Salem from Atlanta many years ago (Robin painted the "Cock and Bull" pub sign which adorns the door of the basement pub/game room/dungeon)
  • filker0 wandering into the filk on Saturday night
  • getting to hear some of the Silverlock songs again (and buying the NESFA press edition of Silverlock which actually contains lead sheets for said songs!)
  • great stuff at the "Wings" theme concert on Sunday afternoon
  • wasabi peanuts. They didn't want them when they were closing down the Con Suite on Sunday. So, we helped out by taking some home with us. Nyaaa-haaa-haaa.
  • uneventful - though late - flight home to Our Own Bed Sunday night.

Thanks to the con committee for bringing us in - we hope we gave good guestship, as we certainly had a good time.

Now, we get a weekend without travelling before heading to Michigan for the last weekend of February.
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