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01 July 2007 @ 12:17 pm
In spite of what billroper has to say, the Cubs' loss yesterday was not my fault. Marshall had already given away 4 runs before we got off the train.

We drove back home to Indiana early this morning since (unfortunately) I am on call this weekend and only barely managed to find someone to cover for me yesterday and overnight. We will probably putter around the house and may go visit some antiques places to see if we can find an old rickety pie safe or hoosier cabinet to use for a potting shelf.

We have a Mongol package for a filking friend who will be at InConJunction next weekend, so we may stop by for a few hours. We have been so busy and spent so many weekends away from either home (mostly travelling or having rituals) that we just need a home-based weekend. Showing up in the evening and buying (or trying to buy) a one-day membership in order to just hang out for a few hours seems best - we can then wander home and spend the night in Our Own Bedtm.