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02 April 2007 @ 09:38 am
Back From Thing, Forward to Exhaustion  
Back from a wonderfully relaxing time at Thing, where the waves of water-induced stress were successfully washed away by jacuzzi bubbles...

Got back to Atlanta to find it had most gloriously rained, washing away most of the yellow-green powder that was clinging to everything when we left. Most of the flowers and bushes are in full bloom, and the outside of the house looks lovely.

Now comes the big push to get the house ready for the Open House on the 15th.

ladyat will out for a long weekend of the 6th (5th, actually) for her nephew's wedding in San Diego, so I will be in charge of final packing of knick-knacks and wiping out of clutter, painting the parts of the house that the painters won't be responsible for, and moving furniture and boxes so the carpet guys can do their carpet thing.

It will be a pretty exhausting week, I think...
Current Mood: determineddetermined
madfilkentist: Carlmadfilkentist on April 2nd, 2007 01:47 pm (UTC)
What is this "Thing" of which you speak? It sounds SCA-ish, but googling for "thing" just doesn't work.
Occam's Pyramidoccams_pyramid on April 2nd, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
Google for Dorsai Thing