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21 March 2007 @ 07:15 pm
Abnormal Birthday Post and House Prep Progress  
I don't usually do birthday wishes, figuring I'll offend someone by leaving them out, but one cannot let the natal day of our dear sister weirdsister pass without comment. May the day (well, OK, evening by now) bring you everything you wish for, in the best ways possible!

In other news, the exterior of the house is scraped, caulked, and half painted (only with the main color, no trim yet). We have a new front door with a big oval window waiting to be installed, and are slowly (so ... very ... slowly ...) getting the clutter and furniture moved out of the way inside. The front yard is about done (only remains that we actually get grass in the nekkid spot where it has been lovingly planted), the back yard has been stripped clear of all old wire fence remnantrs and awaits a thorough attacking this coming weekend.

Next will be the interior painting (mostly the main hall and the kitchen), the framing and building of the last part of the basement, then the carpet installation.

Target date - participation in a major open house on April 15.

We may very well be calling for reinforcements by then...
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