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03 February 2004 @ 08:38 am
In Country  
Feeling much more rested and refreshed after the required lo-o-o-o-o-ng first day.

When flying more than a couple of time zones, I follow the advice of trying to adjust to the new time as quickly as possible. When flying overnight to the UK from Atlanta, this consists of staying up until at least dark, no matter how little sleep I've gotten on the plane.

A digression on Delta Airlines seating arrangements - I used to love flying on the 777. More leg room, classic 2-5-2 seating and an individual TV for each seat. Now, though, they've changed their seating to 3-3-3. I can sort of understand why - the middle seat in the 5 is much worse than a middle seat of 3 - but that means there are only 4 rows in coach with 2 seats, and those are in the very back of the plane. I tried to change our seats to that row but the computer must have messed up (imagine that!) and ladyat and I ended up with aisle and middle in our original row. The guy in the window seat was somewhat active during the flight and I was woken up a couple of times to let him in and out of his seat. End of digression.

Upon arrival at Gatwick, we fetched luggage (two carousels, which we didn't realize until we'd stood for some time getting more and more nervous as our baggage failed to show up on the first one) and then dropped it off in the Left Luggage station at the South terminal. We spent the day in London - first the de rigeur trip to Twinings on the Strand for Rose Pouchong tea, then a small shopping trip for Comfy Shoes for ladyat, and (after a bit of wandering because I couldn't remember the exact tube stop) an afternoon at the Victoria and Albert museum. We popped back to Gatwick and picked up the car about 19.30 and then took off on the trek to Peterborough.

I don't know why the trip to Peterborough always takes longer than it should. Base calculations from the AA say that it should take around 2 hours, but it usually takes us (well, me, since ladyat tends to avoid driving over here in an attempt to keep me from having heart failure) between 2-1/2 and 3 hours. I suppose the taking wrong turns at each roundabout in Peterborough adds to the time, but it has become traditional now and who am I to buck tradition ...

In any event, we missed the FFM rehearsal last night (*heavy sigh*) and will need to wait until the weekend to see everyone. We did, however, get fed and bedded down and spent many blissful hours totally unconscious.

Some shopping coming today, with a trip to Salisbury tomorrow evening for a business meeting on Thursday, back to Peterborough on Thursday night and off to the con on Friday.

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Rickhrrunka on February 3rd, 2004 08:03 am (UTC)
I suppose driving from Gatwick to Peterborough in two hours might be possible at dead of night, when sustaining 70mph all along the motorways might be possible, but at normal times of day the M25 is just too clogged....