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14 February 2007 @ 11:36 am
A Tale of Two Towns  
Marietta, GA: Yes, tiny white things are falling from the sky very slowly and sparsely. Don't be afraid, it'll be gone soon!

Danville, IN: According to my stepsister, there's between a foot and 15 inches of snow on the ground. She says it is hard to tell because of the drifting.

I must be crazy, but I'd sure rather be in Danville right now. It helps that I work from home and therefore showshoveling and driving are all optional on days like this, but still...
Current Mood: nostalgicwistful
Debbie Gtollers on February 14th, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC)
It's pretty here! Even though I did have to get out in it today, I'm still enjoying the snow. I only remember one deep snow in my entire childhood (but, well, Mississippi, ya know...), and even in the 10 years I've been in Indiana, we haven't had many really deep snows, so I'm still new enough to this to be thoroughly fascinated by it.

It's pretty and fluffy and shiny... at least 'til I try to shovel it. But that's okay too, 'cause I called an out-of-work neighbor and volunteered to throw money his way if he'd take care of my driveway and sidewalk for me (after a different neighbor helped dig out enough for me to escape past what the snowplows pushed into my drive last night).