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02 January 2007 @ 10:24 am
Pre-GAFilk Preparations  
I've skimmed back a bit but bankrupt my pants anyway...

During the weekend daughter K's SO helped immensely in the annual Basement Pub Worksession. Goaded on by the fact that it needs to be completely finished by the time we put the house on the market, we managed to put down the trim, stain the door, and box in all the duct work. All that is left is some more painting and to put down carpet. Once the foyer at the bottom of the stairs is complete we should have a very nice and usable finished space to show off to buyers.

The New Year's Eve party went well, smaller than in the past but that's OK. The most popular events seemed to be poker in the pub and (as always) the Song of the Year competition - this time won by autographedcat's nomination of Richard Thompson's "Hots for the Smarts". Only one person stayed over for breakfast, and ladyat and I realized we kind of liked the rather quiet morning (well, early afternoon *grin*) we ended up with. ladyat passed the Official Neighborhood Parade Wok Lid to the youngest son of our next-door neighbors, so the continued harrassment of Evil Spirits each New Year is assured.

Between gaming and GAFilk we only had yesterday to rather frantically pull down all the outside lights and strip the Yule Tree to bare branches. We would have gotten it out of the house but, as per Tradition, we have mislaid the Big White Tree Disposal Bag and have to try to find one today. It isn't completely necessary but it makes it much easier to clean up as well as making it simpler to toss it in the back of the van to take to the Chipper Station.

Today will consist of handling the certain workload explosion that follows the holidays, with a half-day off tomorrow and the rest of the week off in order to work GAFilk. I'm hoping for fewer trips to the hotel on Thursday than last year...
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