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14 December 2006 @ 09:00 am
The First Sentence of Each Month of 2006  
This skips anything that was just "Ganked from...", as those make no sense. It also includes one list because it was really all a single sentence, you know...

Getting ready to finally head for GAFilk (well, OK, I've already been to the hotel twice today, but this is the last time. No, really!).

Seemed to go very well, most comments were positive (though it was pointed out at least once that maybe good old British reserve wouldn't allow complaints to non-British. Grin. That's a grin there.)

As of right now, our St. Patrick's Day schedule is much reduced - not a bad thing considering various arm muscle strains I've been dealing with recently.

ladyat and I spent the extended weekend in Indianapolis, where Reggie Miller's number was being retired on Thursday night.

The issue has been oversimplified almost to the point of "me good, you bad", which (as those of you who know me understand) irritates me when done to anything - much less extremely complex issues.

Just a quick pre-Mythic entry to say that ZoneCD wireless portal software kicks butt and takes names.

...when did it get so blasted hot?

We're still in Danville.

Just nodding in to let people know I am not dead, just recovering from a very, very, very busy few weeks.

We are finally winding down from the whirlwind events of a weekend consisting of:

- rehearsing for marrying off our youngest daughter
- rehearsing the partying for marrying off our youngest daughter
- marrying off our youngest daughter
- partying for marrying off our youngest daughter
- brunching in a (vain) effort to recover from partying for marrying off our youngest daughter.

In general, I am not unhappy about the outcome of the election.

I was going to gank the Graduation Music meme from a couple of people (jhayman, autographedcat), but then I headed over to http://popculturemadness.com/Music/index.html and actually looked around.
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