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15 June 2006 @ 09:35 am
Next Planned Trip North  
We expect to be in Danville over the weekend prior to Fourth of July. Our general plan is to drive up with a van full of tools and other accouterments to make work easier. If the money situation moves as planned we may begin installation of dishwasher and attic A/C that weekend. Installation of attic A/C will involve building a sturdy "trap door" for the stairs, as they are directly beneath the opening where said A/C would reside and make it difficult to work without breaking one's neck. I expect that ladyat will begin working on the gardens, and we might get started on stripping paint from the woodwork of the one room where they painted it over. Not overly ambitious but certainly enough to keep us busy.

Visitors will be welcome but should be warned that a variety of rakes and shovels and implements of (con)struction may be placed into their hands...

We'll also be casting about for something local to do on the Fourth itself, as we won't be leaving to come South until (very early) Wednesday morning. There's usually a good festival in the park in Danville, but if there is something at which we might find various and sundry Friends and Relations we could be persuaded to go farther afield.
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