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24 May 2006 @ 10:11 am
Another Passing  
gythanorth lost her battle with cancer early this morning

For me, she was the face of Treble, the UK filk con where I was privileged to be US GoH. I'll always associate her with leading enthusiastic singalongs and with just generally being the energy behind so much of what we jaded 'Merkins viewed as this young filk community.

As do many active and devoted fen, she had both good and rough times. I'm sorry to say that I really did not get an opportunity to spend time with her on subsequent returns to the UK - especially since my love for the UK filk community and its members is a direct result of that magnificent introduction in 1991.

From Fridthjof's Saga by Esaias Tegnér:

“Farewell, high gleaming,
Thou Valhal’s throne,
Night’s eye, bright beaming
Midsummer’s sun!
Sky! where, as in hero’s
Soul, pure depths dwell,
And thronging star rows, —
Farewell! Farewell!

“Farewell, ye mountains,
Seats glory for;
Ye tablet fountains
For mighty Thor!
Ye lakes and high lands
I knew so well,
Ye rocks and islands,
Farewell! Farewell!

“Farewell, cairns dreaming
By wave of blue,
Where, snow-white gleaming,
Limes flow’r-dust strew.
But Saga spieth
And doometh well
I’ th’ earth what lieth; —
Farewell! Farewell!

“Farewell, ye bowers,
Fresh houses green,
Where youth pluck’d flow’rs
By murm’ring stream;
Ye friends of childhood,
Who meant me well,
Ye’re yet remember’d; —
Farewell! Farewell!
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