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20 March 2006 @ 09:01 am
In Which Bill & Brenda Play Much Music and Bill Drives Many Miles  
St. Patrick's Day gig went very well. We had a number of people show up specifically to see us (kitanzi,surrdave,tarkrai among those whose LJ names I remember), and the place was also packed with people to share in the dual St. Patrick's Day/NCAA Tournament atmosphere. We played for 3-1/2 hours with 2 breaks - we started about 30 minutes late due to setup time being delayed by the free buffet, so we played a long first set and ended up playing the same amount of time we would have played if we had done 4 regular sets with regular breaks. The good news is that our repertoire is now large enough to play that amount of time with no repetition and still have songs left over.

Now, if I could just manage to get the chorus for "The Hills of Connemara" memorized...

There had been some concerns about my being here for the gig, as I was called to Charlotte, North Carolina suddenly.

After being up to about 03.30 on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I got up at about 06.30 to drive up (4-hour drive, same as getting to the airport early, waiting for a plane, flying, renting a car, and driving to the location). We worked until about 03.00 Thursday night/Friday morning. I had agreed to go on the condition that someone replaced me Thursday night or Friday morning so that I could get home Friday. My replacement arrived late Thursday night, I briefed him on the situation, and planned to leave late Friday morning. As per usual, I got caught in email and discussions about the problem from the hotel and didn't manage to get out before about noon. Add to that a stop in Gaffney, South Carolina, at Hames Music (where I will soon return to trade in various bits of gear for some new speakers and a new small-format live mixing board), and I was barely home in time to prep for the gig.

Saturday was another long day, ending with Ostara and Oak Spring's first hiving (yay!). Sunday was spent getting a case for the existing Behringer 24-channel mixing board (it barely fits in a Mackie CFX20 case, though the insert for the power cord doesn't line up so I'll have to lift the board up each use) and in further work on straightening up my workshop. It would have included mowing the lawn, but while doing Spring Maintenance on the mower I discovered the gas tank was cracked - of course, by the expedient trick of pouring gas into the tank and then watching it run out. Had to order a new tank from Sears that won't be here for a while. Meanwhile, the shade from the grass is actually rather calming...

Watched bits and pieces of a great show on the Science Channel on Sunday, Voyage to the Planets and Beyond, a dramatization of a possible interplanetary space mission. It was very fact based and interesting in spite of some of the slightly contrived (though perfectly plausible) danger moments. I think I saw Ian Watson's name run through the credits, which explains the well done character work and integration with the science.
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msminlrmsminlr on March 21st, 2006 01:50 am (UTC)
Gather up yer pots and yer old tin can
And the mash and and the corn and the barley and the bran
Run like the divil from the Excise Man
In the hills of Connemara

that one?
FilkerDavefilkerdave on March 21st, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
May I point out that I'm spending much of the next 2 weeks in Charlotte?