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16 December 2005 @ 09:15 am
What I Did This Year  
Shorter than some because I had some months where I did not post. Also slightly edited, as any month opener that was essentially just a quiz meme was skipped.

Little bit of catch-up as we rocket toward GAFilk (at which I hope to see many of you and am also saddened that many of you will not be able to attend)... Yeah, we're home from the UK Filk Con and have lots of things to tell about, but (as expected) the workload has been crushing since I got back. Grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, tomato soup. Poking around I have just discovered that DirecTV (the satellite TV company we use) now offers a cricket season package. My heart goes out to the city of London in the wake of todays transport bombings (BBC, CNN). The advantage of being on the train for a few hours is that you get a chance to catch up on your LJ writing. Our elder statesdog Socrates was escorted into rest today, with ladyat and me by his side to assure him that he was a very good dog. The Week From Hell led to FenCon (fun!) and then to the Week In Phoenix. As of the end of last week, we are now officially Empty Nested. First, take a look at the Whitespace programming language page.

I thought it also might be fun to do one that is just the titles of the first post. Again, anything just titled "Meme" is skipped.

Here, There, and Everywhere. St. Patrick's Day. The Real Place I'm From ... Curse You, fleetfootmike! It's Summer Blockbuster Season! In Which Bill Works the Beer Festival. Good Dog. Good Dog. Catching Up. A Very Short But Very Important Update. Yes, I Are a Geek.

That last one sounds like the first paragraph of a rather strange novel...
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Current Music: "The Nutcracker" Ballet, Tchiakovsky
Princess Cinnamonlittle_cinnamon on December 17th, 2005 02:06 am (UTC)
For some reason, the last one puts my brain somewhere between James Joyce and Clockwork Orange. Hm.