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03 October 2005 @ 11:05 am
Catching Up  
The Week From Hell led to FenCon (fun!) and then to the Week In Phoenix. The general focus of the class I was teaching changed rather drastically and so I ended up putting in some very late nights restructuring and rewriting.

Got home Friday and rather collapsed for a couple of days. ladyat was at a camping retreat, so I had the house mostly to myself (since daughter K works nights). Friday night was a neighborhood beer tasting event, rather enjoyable as you might guess. I then postponed my Serenity cravings by watching some of the Firefly DVDs.

Saturday night was spent recovering from having played tennis for the first time in weeks. More Firefly was watched in an effort to resist the temptation to commit movie adultery.

Sunday ladyat returned home, we played at the Pagan Pride festival, and then finally went to see Serenity.