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19 February 2005 @ 01:30 pm
Because You Asked For It!  
Explanations of some of the 10 things entries:

2) Hung upside down over an operating Sewage Treatment first stage mixing pond every day for a week

The various mechanisms and braces and such needed sandblasting and painting. Things could not be turned off or drained. Thus, safety harness and sandblaster in hand, Mr. "Low On The Totem Pole" headed out.

The best thing is that none of the kids has ever been able to tell me how badly their job sucked.

9) Ate steak while watching a horse dance to harp music in Venezuela

A Venezuelan tourist activity is a big outdoor (roofed but open at the sides) restaurant where bands and trained horses perform. A gut-stringed harp is a traditional instrument, and the riders prance the horses on knee commands in time to the music. While not the Bolshoi Ballet, the horses dance better than I do.
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