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30 September 2004 @ 11:02 pm
Where In the World Is Bill?  
OK, I was in Dallas last week and part of this week.

On Tuesday, I was in Dallas and Atlanta, and by Wednesday at too-freaking-early-in-the-morning I was in Chicago.

We have a customer with multiple labs and multiple problems, and the division responsible for the code agreed to send someone on site to show them how to troubleshoot these problems with the available tools and utilities - but they wanted someone from support to be there as well.

Given that our other engineers are in class and/or working other hot customers this week, guess who got to go?

No time to see anyone or go to a Cubs game (which, given the dismal performance against the damn Reds, is not as bad a thing as it sounds), just work.

I go home Friday night for a relaxing weekend of tennis, teaching class, rehearsing, and performing - and then come back to Chicago on Monday morning.

At least the additional flight is cheaper than the car and hotel would be for the weekend.

The good news is that the weather is exactly that kind of weather I miss most by being in Hotlanta - the perfect temperature, sunny days and beautiful nights. At some fundamental climactic level, I am getting some kind of recharge from the trip even as I spend too many hours away from home.

Ah, well. Maybe next week I'll have time to get together with folks. Or not.
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