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29 June 2004 @ 11:05 am
City of Heroes (Pow! Bam!)  
As autographedcat has related, City of Heroes has taken a large chunk out of my free time. You can see his description here, so I won't repeat it.

Suffice it to say that I took the time to try an example of each of the hero types, and it really is almost as much fun creating the characters as it is to play them. There's my Science Scrapper Fhinn (the "h" is because someone else already had a character called "Finn"), biomechanical scientist Finn Mac Cumhail by day, hero by ... well, by day as well. There's my Mutant Tanker LittleJohn, who would really rather be a 12th century historian (complete with battle cry, "Indubitably Poundable!"). There's my Technology Blaster Bolt-On, whose origin reads (in part) "Jeffery Bolton is a tinkerer. A very clumsy tinkerer." There's my Magic Controller Pon'fnarta, an alien who understands English but doesn't speak it. Finally, there's my Natural Defender Balanceer, who is in Paragon City fighting on the "good guys" side - for now - since the "bad guys" are currently too strong and must be balanced out.

I've been using Littlejohn most often, as he complements autographedcat's Blaster pretty well. Still only at 6th level, but working my way up.

There's a bunch of us who use the Pinnacle server - if you're hanging around, seek us out!
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Current Music: Sarah Vaughan, The Definitive Sarah Vaughan
Bill Roperbillroper on June 29th, 2004 06:54 pm (UTC)
I must stay far, far away from this.

I'm sure I have an album to mix somewhere...