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07 June 2004 @ 06:35 pm
Mythic Done  
I think I'll be getting my wife back - this sleepy and bedraggled critter what looked a bit familiar came into the house a few minutes ago ...

What I saw of it was pretty successful. I think they have made a very good start. I saw mostly behind-the-scenes as I worked on computer systems and shlepped musical instruments and things.

When I wasn't working my regular job, that is. I had intended to have evenings off from about Tuesday to be able to help set up and to be there for actual events in the conference. Unfortunately, with 2 of my colleagues off on vacation, the one remaining person who covered our product line (the one scheduled to be on call) was told to go on site out of the country. This left me as the only one available to be on call. This meant I couldn't really be away from my computer much and I couldn't shut off my pager and cell phone.

I raged about it for a bit, then figured it would be OK because he'd be back by Saturday afternoon. I'd be able to enjoy part of the conference.

Friday afternoon I checked in with him to see when he'd be back. Well. He'd been told he needed to go to Venezuela on Sunday and wasn't going to be able to take the weekend after all. I wonder when he was planning on telling me ...

This lead to a bit of a scramble as I tried to find someone who could at least stall if a call came in while I was on stage (we ended up doing 3 concerts from Saturday night through Sunday night). In the process, it caused me to screw over one of my other colleagues (he had to give up tickets to a concert in order to help out), something I really hate to do to anyone else - and that I wouldn't have done if he had told me he had a conflict, I'd have worked it out some other way. Made me feel even more like a jerk.

So, between being on call and being on stage and hauling things, not much time to see even the DI (who did a superb job!) until Sunday night.

So this morning bright and early I came on home to work the day away (it's not too bad commuting opposite traffic - it took less time to get from downtown Atlanta home than it usually takes me to get from home to Alpharetta - when I go into the office, that is).

Our life will now settle down into the more usual brand of chaos that serves as normalcy around here.
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