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24 May 2004 @ 08:55 am
Dog For a Day  
Sunday morning about 10ish ladyat looked out the back window and there, having a very polite conversation through the wire fence, were our dog Socrates and a honking big black labrador retriever.

Thinking that our next-door neighbor's dog Rosie had gotten out again, Brenda grabbed the leash and took the dog next door. Nope - Rosie was in her yard and, upon further investigation, the Dog Etranger was not in any way, shape, or form a Rosie.

Hmm. Hey, the neighbor across the street has had a big lab - must be theirs. Across the street, and, sure enough, the gate was open. Put the dog in the back yard, closed the gate, left a note - and home. Good deed done.


Phone rang a bit later. It was the neighbor across the street. "You left us this note - we don't have a dog any more. We take care of our daughter's dog sometimes, but this isn't it." So, we went over and got the dog and brought him home.

He was a lovely dog - well taken care of, very good manners. Got along very well with Socrates, not aggressive at all. We put him on a leash (along with Socrates on another leash, can't leave him out!), printed up some "found dog" signs, and went for a walk. Posted signs in our neighborhood and in the surrounding neighborhoods, then walked our neighborhood checking at the pool and other various gathering places to see if anyone know whose dog this might be.

Went to a meeting, on return no calls on the answering machine. Went to see Shrek 2 (highly recommended!) and came home to a note on the door: "Came to get Tucker, if you still have him please call" and a phone number. Inside, there were a number of phone messages from said Tucker-owner. We asked our visitor if his name was Tucker, he assured us that it was via many a jump up and tail wag, so we called the number and Tucker was fetched forthwith.

As I mentioned some time ago, dogs seem to come into our lives. We were a little concerned about this one (though pretty certain he would be picked up since he was clearly a house dog) because he was a bit bigger than we really wanted to deal with and our biggest crate has been in pieces for years. He seemed to have the disposition we're after, though.

Tucker is now safely home and an owner's fears have been assuaged.

Perhaps our dog karma is now sufficiently positive.
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