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12 April 2004 @ 02:02 pm
What Did We Do Before the Internet?  

Background 1: Last night, while watching the second of the Firefly DVDs, our DVD player acted up again. Our DVD player seems to be unacceptably sensitive to dirty or otherwise imperfect DVDs - almost every other DVD we play requires some kind of cleaning or more drastic treatment in order to work properly. This time, ladyat got fed up with it as well and gave me permission to start the new DVD player search process.

Background 2: We need to have a DVD±R/RW compatible player due to videos of the Cutest Grandchild. I had also resolved some time ago that I wanted to be able to buy DVDs in the UK and France for things that have not been converted to Region 1 (or All Region) and NTSC DVD format.

Background 3: I know how region-free DVD players are made, and I was able to find info on DVD players that convert video formats. However, none of the trustworthy sites mentioned SECAM except for standalone converters.

The Question: What is involved in converting SECAM to NTSC?

The Answer: SECAM and PAL use the same scanning format, so the DVD discs are the same. The only difference is that a SECAM DVD player will output the color information in the sequential format required by SECAM televisions. This means that "SECAM" discs will play on a machine that converts PAL to NTSC.

Starting from a very basic knowledge of the issues involved, before the Internet I would have had to find a technical library or a person I could call to get the information. It might have taken me days.

With the Internet, I was able to do multiple searches in order to find confirming sources and cross-reference answers within probably 30 minutes of real time (between doing other things!)

Deeply cool.
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