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14 April 2017 @ 09:57 am
DW/LJ Progress  
I turned off my automatic subscription for LJ today. What with various credits and shifts in the payment date I have almost a year left paid, so I'll continue reading it for those I don't have on my DW feed. After that, it will depend on who is still LJ-only.

Meanwhile, on the DW side, I am somewhat behind in "granting access" to folks because I'm still trying to remember who is who. It really doesn't matter because I made it a rule long ago not to "friends lock" anything because I treat everything I post as public anyway. That said, I may need a re-introduction to people whose LJ names I have forgotten over the years in order to make sure I have them on my feed.

And if anyone has links to sets of mood icons for DW I'd appreciate it - I'm bored with the current ones and miss my dragons.

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