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07 April 2004 @ 06:57 pm
Another Year Financed  
Taxes are complete and electronically filed.

What did we do before electronic data transfer? Except for the folders full of receipts (which will likely never be obsoleted), everything has been paperless this year. When I compare my physical file from this year to the physical file from 1989, say, I am absolutely amazed at how little there is to show nowadays - no reams of worksheets and instructions with notations, no battered and pockmarked work copy of the tax forms lovingly erased over and over again until almost translucent, no bulky envelope to get into the mail before April 15, just a single neat printout and a couple of rebate forms to send in.

No wait for the check to arrive, either, just a direct deposit of the refund and we're in like a porch climber.

It used to take me two full weekends (call it 20-30 hours) to do our taxes, now it takes the equivalent of about 5 hours. Wow.

And a good hacker could find out all about us in about 15 minutes tops.

Ain't technology wonderful?
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