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22 February 2016 @ 08:30 am
Tiling Report - 2/21/16  

Started the day by pumping in construction adhesive and putting the soap dish in. I got the towel bar, shower rod, and shower nozzle bracket back in place, then ran into Problem.

The thickness of the wall (or, more precisely, the half-inch less thickness due to being, you know, actually square) at the faucet handles and spout has left a gap behind the handle trim and spigot. Oh, well, it's temporary, so Mr. Caulk Is Your Friend.

Unfortunately, when installing the spout, the plastic insert adapting the 1/2" cast iron pipe to the 3/4" spout stripped. I had a bit of panic because I was at first unsure if this was a standard piece or something special created for the house at some point (which would necessitate calling the plumber to replace the pipe and probably tearing out some of the tile so recently replaces), but after cleaning off the pipe it became clear that this was an adapter. Trip to Menards - my usual go-to for things appropriate for 135-year-old houses - was unsuccessful, as in the plumbing area they have not heard of such a thing. I got a brass adapter that I was able to use to clean out the rusted threads and confirm that all that was necessary was an adapter, though using it would cause the spout to stick out a further inch or so from the wall.

Today, I will be using Google-fu to try to find said adapter - and it is possible it was at Menards in the department where they actually sell said spouts, which is not the same as the plumbing department. I am also contemplating getting a die for 1/2" NPT thread so I can carefully screw it onto the existing pipe, cut off the offending extra length of pipe so the spout will install flush, then back out the die to re-cut the damaged threads. I know I can do this with a nut on softer materials, I'm just not confident it will work on cast iron.

So, unfortunately, ladyat will not have her shower back tomorrow as originally thought...
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Teddy: Kurtclothsprogs on February 22nd, 2016 02:33 pm (UTC)

Best of luck!