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04 April 2004 @ 12:57 pm
TV Time  
Watched the first episode of Firefly last night, courtesy of a friend who loaned us the DVDs. I rather enjoyed it, being a fan of old westerns - it was fun pegging the archetypes - and the dialogue and incidental music go together very well. I've always had a soft spot for the stoic gunslinger who has his own code of honor and takes care of his people in the face of all odds, so I think I'll probably join the rest of the fans of the show in eagerly awaiting what comes after this. It'll be interesting to see how far they take the Civil War Confederate-soldier-turned-raider concept.

ladyat fell asleep. She says she was tired, that it had been a long day. Suuuuure it was.

She watched the episode again today, and I had to restrain her from committing DVD adultery, since I have to do credit card reconciliation and tax stuff this afternoon.

Pacers play the Pistons this afternoon in a statement game ...
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