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26 May 2011 @ 04:08 pm
Ready For Balticon  
Making last-minute prep to head to the airport for the trip to Balticon - really looking forward to it! The Children's Concert will be a little challenging, but gorgeousgary is going to do some stunt work with us. We've picked up a couple of new songs that will be fun to do. The other challenge will be the Celtic Session, since I am still (after all these years) not solid enough to lead tunes on melody on either whistle or string instruments. I'll have my Foinn Seisiún books with me just in case, but ...

We stopped in to see harperjen and tollers last night at the Claddagh in Plainfield - it was most enjoyable and I proved to be a useful sort of puppy to have around by helping fix some glitches in the sound system (line inputs on their main little board were set to pro level instead of consumer level, so the board wasn't registering the low signal level at all). I would happily take the pair - heck, I'd take one - of the loaner Bose L1 Sound Systems harperjen had there as payment, but alas, my work wasn't worth THAT much.

In all seriousness, musicians in this area facing sound system problems should remember to call me, as I have a complete gear set for up 5 people plus multiple instruments available. Reasonable rates...
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Current Music: "Glint of Gypsy" - Wilderwood