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25 March 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Another Day in the Subcontinent  
Yesterday I finished up the major portion of the work for our customer that brought me to India, meaning I could spend the afternoon and evening glued to the India v Australia ICC Cricket World Cup Quarterfinal. India having won, this coming Wednesday will likely be close to a national holiday in the afternoon for the Semifinal between India and Pakistan.

I have yet to eat anything where I recognize everything on the plate. The type of food (biryani or masala, for instance) is clear, but they use different terms and even the things that look familiar use different combinations of vegetables. I've mostly avoided meat just because I can (since the vegetarian dishes are so plentiful), except at breakfast when I have a few pieces of sausage and bacon. I suspect Steak 'N Shake will be a welcoming sight when I get home.

Tomorrow will be collapse day where I stare at the walls and then at the England v Sri Lanka Quarterfinal. Sunday is going to be sightseeing day, with Monday evening after work reserved for shopping.

Next week is mostly internal meetings with the coding teams for the products I support, so it should be much less stressful. We'll have a social event at least once (I'm pushing for getting together to watch the cricket on Wednesday).
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