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22 March 2011 @ 11:49 pm
One Night In Bangalore ...  
... and the world's your - well, something flat and edible, though more inland and rather less shelled. Maybe a chapati or naan...

Arriving at 00.30 is somewhat bizarre, especially when getting luggage took an additional hour. Immigration and customs were smoother than I was expecting, though I was lost for a moment looking for my driver until I was directed outside and remembered blearily that the entire airport terminal is a security zone, with no one but passengers allowed inside.

To the hotel was quick enough - no traffic, though still a 45 minute drive and rather interesting, as the horn and lights are flashed at every overtaking and every point someone else could overtake (or turn into your lane, or come around a blind corner, or merge, or blink, really). Large trucks (or, more precisely, trucks with incredibly large loads - loads tied to the top that make the trucks over twice their original height) have bumpers with "please honk" painted on, which tends to mean that no one is paying attention to anyone else if they are big enough not to care. An interesting metaphor, that.

Didn't get much sleep by the time I connected up with the US office and gathered some things I would need for the day. I slept in until rather late and got a small breakfast (some meats and fresh fruit, since fancy hotel rinse water is expected to be trustworthy) before meeting the hotel car to take me to the office. Work was broken by lunch with a couple of my colleagues here - I was careful and only got sample sizes of some of the items, but I was surprised at how mild the spices were. I was told that in south India the food is really hot, but here it tends to be less so. Certainly it was very edible for me and my poor USian tummy. I also was glad I'd done some research into eating etiquette and style - there was no silverware, so I dug into the food with chapati and more often fingers (right hand only, of course) and blended right in. That's why the cafeteria is surrounded by hand washing stations, you see - fingers were, after all, invented before forks.

After a very full afternoon it was back to the hotel to work out (I cheated and didn't do my biceps and triceps - my triceps lifts caused my shoulder to whinge just enough that discretion was the better part of valor), do more meeting prep, and finally get some dinner.

Dinner was in the hotel, as I really don't have time to go out until after the major meeting on Wednesday. However, the hotel casual bar/restaurant is by the pool, which is on an open-air flow-through terrace on the second (third to 'merkins) floor. The weather has been surprisingly mild - temperature as hot as I expected (98° F / 37° C) but there is little humidity, meaning it is more comfortable than an Indiana high summer day (no breeze, mostly, though). The dinner on the terrace was very pleasant and consisted of paneer ke sure (Indian cheese "steaks" stuffed with bell-type peppers and with a mildly spicy pineapple based sauce) and a basket of breads. Oh, and a Kingfisher beer or two, this is me, after all.

Up earlier tomorrow to prep for the meeting, then a sigh of relief. Though I have to change the schedule for the meeting originally set for Thursday afternoon, as it will conflict with India v Australia in the cricket World Cup - I'd hate to force anyone to be in a meeting during such an important event. I am so cosmopolitanly kind, you know...
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
markbernsteinmarkbernstein on March 22nd, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
Glad you made it with minimal difficulty and discomfort. What hotel are you in?
Bill Suttonbedlamhouse on March 23rd, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
Zuri Whitefield (HP office is also on Whitefield Rd). Quite far away from MG Road and the city centre, unfortunately.