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09 March 2011 @ 11:48 am
Making Census Of It All  
March 2011 - living in a sprawling ca. 1883 Victorian house with a minimum of 3 bedrooms (depending how you configure it) and 3 bathrooms, in the town I grew up in, with ladyat and a dog and a cat. Loving the lack of traffic and the abundance of festivals.

March 2001 - living in a 4 br 2-1/2 bath modern (1984) Federal house, in Marietta GA, with ladyat, same cat, different dog (possibly dogs). Two kids in college (one in Atlanta, one in Utah), one still finishing high school, one living back at home.

March 1991 - living in Marietta in that same house with ladyat and eldest daughter, having just returned from our first trip to the UK for Treble. Same cat, one different dog and one overlapping with 2001. The rest of the kids were with their dad, I believe it was still Ohio then, due to the custody arrangement at the time.

March 1981 - Technically address was the in Danville IN house I grew up in, 2 story Federal built about 1935, 3br, 2 ba (about 3 blocks away from the March 2011 house), but was actually living in the Triangle Fraternity house on the Rose-Hulman campus in Terre Haute. Was engaged to be married but had no pets.

March 1971 - Living in the Danville house I grew up in with my parents and my sister. Attending Jr. High and probably delivering newspapers (though I don't remember which years I actually did so).

March 1961 - Framingham MA in a townhouse because my dad was stationed there. My sister wasn't born yet and I remember nothing about the place, everything I know being from a picture of me with my mom on the front walk. I was born in Framingham but consider myself a Hoosier by the same rule that a child born on an overseas army base is a US citizen - I was merely born "in exile".
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