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25 December 2010 @ 01:04 pm
The Yuletide So Far...  
Daughter K made it up here without incident early yesterday morning, along with two of our granddogs, and slept for the better part of the morning before barking dogs murdered sleep.

Though I was on call for Christmas Eve, I said "stuff it" long about noon and my dad and I went into downtown Indianapolis Circle Centre for my traditional last-minute no-pressure shopping (and cask ale at Rock Bottom) day. This year it was made even less pressured because I was very worried I would be paged and stuck working, so I did nearly all of the last-minute stuff at the not-so-last-minute. I had already hauled the last of the UUCC Christmas Dinner inventory to the Fairgrounds in prep for the long day today, so the afternoon was free. Finished up and was driving home just as the snow started. Only had a couple of presents left to wrap, so no late night wrapping session this year, just a relaxed evening with It's a Wonderful Life and the first half of Hogfather.

Then came early morning this morning - up at 5 to clear the walk and scrape the car so we could be at the Fairgrounds by 6 to start cooking - well, ladyat and daughter K were our contribution to the cooking crew; I acted as General Dogsbody as per usual {something I am, in fact, very good at}). When the food was cooked and the serving shift arrived, we toddled home for our own leisurely gift exchange. As I understand, we're expected to have served over 500 dinners (most of them delivered to homes along with gifts for children as needed) - I'll get the final numbers when I head over to the church this afternoon to pack things away and count inventory (as our minister said when he and the dinner chair were looking at my detailed inventory list, I am "delightfully anal retentive" about such things).

ladyat has made Yet Another Turkey for our dinner, and we will be sitting down later this afternoon to good food and good company.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
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