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25 June 2010 @ 12:32 pm
Our Top Story Tonight...  
Sutton DSL is Still Seriously Dead.

In answer to a previous question, the voice line is fine.

The original problem was the connection was not completing at the DSL signal level. The tech came out Thursday morning, spent 4 or more hours replacing outside wires and walking boxes all the way back to the central office. When he was done, we had DSL but no Internet, and they were expecting a port to be swapped in the Central Office.

After another two hours, no change. Called AT&T back and had to go back through the whole "did you plug it in" segment. Once I convinced them I knew what I was talking about - perhaps when I reported the actual ATM connection error from the modem - they agreed to have someone go out to the CO and do something.

Which they did.

They broke the DSL level signal so now we are back to the original problem...

We are escalated and therefore hoping to have another tech before Sunday, but as the escalation team hasn't called me back yet I have little hope.

As a side fun thing, when I called back after not hearing from the escalation team I got the same guy I had talked to a couple of hours earlier. He recognized me when I mentioned I had talked to him earlier and therefore did not take me through the extra 10 minutes of "verify your address, phone number, location of three most prominent moles" security check.
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