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15 March 2010 @ 01:03 pm
House Status  
As winter winds down (though today, as the first day of Dairy Queen and therefore the first day of Spring in Danville Reckoning, is a brisk 42° F / 5° C), a not-so-young-man's fancy turns to thoughts of finally finishing the work on this phase of House Renewal.

Today, the paint is almost completely scraped off (with the exception of a few areas out of reach while the roof was covered with snow). The gingerbreading is up on the front and is ready to be put on the back. The tacky faux wrought iron "supports" (if they are bending can they truly be said to be supporting anything?) on the back porch have been replaced with wood columns with gingerbreading and plant shelves. We'll have new back stairs that will finally include a handrail. The insulation that was blown in around the end of the year was a huge success, lowering our gas usage significantly enough to drop us from the high end of usage (compared to other similar homes) to the lowest mark.

What still needs doing is a vast cleanup of paint chips and winter work detritus, final gingerbread installation as mentioned above, two attic windows need replacing so that the sills can be repaired, and - of course - the whole thing needs to be primed and painted (including touching up the places where the insulation was blown in through already-painted walls).

At this point, we're hoping for it all to be in lovely shape by June. Should it be so, we may very well have a big house-renewal party around Midsummer. Watch this space.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished