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Bill Sutton
24 January 2017 @ 12:00 pm
  • Mon, 16:41: @Grang33r DM me about PD
  • Mon, 20:26: Coming up - your Lumber Liquidators substitution of Al Jefferson.
  • Mon, 20:28: I love me some Myles Turner but damn that young man needs to learn to rebound.
Bill Sutton
22 December 2016 @ 11:30 am
This should have gone up yesterday or the day before, but (as with so many things this year) I find myself running behind. I can't let the time go by, however, without wishing each and every one of you my now truly traditional blessing for the season, with all joy in whatever way you celebrate the Returning of the Light. Many of us find ourselves in Darkness, and the dawn seems so far away, but we have so much support and love around us that we will indeed make it to the Light.

Every year I find I love these words more and more (and acknowledge the help of cflute in giving them their final polish):

- as the sun increases, so may your joys increase.
- as the nights become shorter, so may your sorrows shrink.
- as those you love surround you, feel my love there as well.
- may you be blessed by your Gods, be they within or without.
- may all your dearest dreams come to you in time.

Whether you have already celebrated your own Festival of Light or are preparing for it yet to come, may all the blessing of the returning Sun keep you well, prosperous, and happy in the coming year.
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Bill Sutton
17 November 2016 @ 12:01 pm
Bill Sutton
16 November 2016 @ 09:00 pm
  • Wed, 19:28: Why did the individual stats go away on the NE scoreboard?
Bill Sutton
14 November 2016 @ 08:47 pm
  • Mon, 19:16: See? Just have to have Dan Burke and Frank Vogel in the same arena and the Pacers start playing defense.
Bill Sutton
13 November 2016 @ 03:09 pm
  • Sat, 19:02: Why are they playing this mid-Sixties stuff? We need Woodstock-era protest music to celebrate Rajah, right?
  • Sat, 19:25: Did PG tell 'em to "win one for the gimpy"?
  • Sat, 21:00: Lots of fans leave after the 3rd quarter. Looks like Pacers' D did, too.
Bill Sutton
10 November 2016 @ 12:01 pm
  • Wed, 20:32: Thank goodness our offense is so good we don't need defense.
Bill Sutton
27 October 2016 @ 03:05 pm
  • Wed, 19:34: Me likey!
  • Wed, 20:43: Pacers missing their outside shots as Mavs dial in theirs. *sigh*
  • Wed, 20:51: Report on Myles Turner? Let's just say I'm watching @El_Peckbo have pleasure convulsions...
  • Wed, 21:16: All I can say is thank goodness Nate gives us a better bench rotation. Oops.
  • Wed, 21:33: Indiana. Where layups go to die.
  • Wed, 21:38: Yeah, that's OK, don't guard Dirk.
  • Wed, 21:41: Good thing Teague can hit those clutch free throws ... Oh, wait...
  • Wed, 21:48: So you've got Teague but Monta is running the offense on transition?
  • Wed, 21:53: And THAT, boys and girls, was PG's sweetest assist of the night. The End.
  • Wed, 21:57: There's somebody in @El_Peckbo 's seat but he's standing up during the game.
Bill Sutton
16 October 2016 @ 01:38 pm
As requested, here are my impressions of our first Crown Tournament.

Cut for brevity for those who don't particularly follow the SCACollapse )
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Bill Sutton
06 October 2016 @ 08:53 pm